BarterUnit® - The New Multinational, Alternative Digital Currency and Universal Basic Income System.

A New Progressive Monetary System Independent of Banks, Government, Donors and Speculative Assets.


Our mission is to provide every participant a Universal Basic Income grant in the form of an alternative digital currency - called the BarterUnit®. Our goal is to ensure economic freedom and security as a basic economic right to all participants.

We understand Universal Basic Income (UBI) is needed now. That’s why, we’ve taken the initiative to create a new progressive monetary system and UBI system, one that is truly independent of banks, governments, donors and speculative assets. We simply no longer have time for political shenanigans! The people deserve a true and pure people-powered currency system, one that protects and advances the interest of the people.

Phillip H. Perez

CEO & Founder of BarterUnit® LLC.


The BarterUnit®️ is an alternative digital currency, a cash alternative option that can be utilized within our network, during times of economic hardship or when the national currency is not sufficient. The BarterUnit®️ enables its participants to transact and set their own personalized fair-market values of goods and services.

No person should solely have to rely on government-sponsored currency to survive. In the United States, there is no law that states goods and services must be paid for with Federal Reserve Notes. Parties entering into a transaction can establish any medium of exchange that is agreed upon.

Phillip H. Perez

CEO & Founder of BarterUnit® LLC.


We’re offering every participant 1,000 BarterUnits® per month interest free, regardless of income, resources, employment status or geographic location. All you have to do is sign up. It’s absolutely FREE!

That’s right! We give it to you free, recognizing it as a fundamental human right. We offer BarterUnits® as an alternative financial method to help with your basic needs and aspirations. It’s Universal Basic Income directly sent to your phone!

Our initiative presents a global opportunity to tackle economic challenges with a focus on promoting civility and equality. We are thrilled to introduce a new digital currency and Universal Basic Income system that respects individual freedom and dignity. This is a world-changing opportunity that we believe will have a positive impact on people's lives worldwide.

Indiscriminately providing a viable alternative digital currency that compliments and runs parallel with all government-sponsored currency systems is our primary goal.

Phillip H. Perez

CEO & Founder of BarterUnit® LLC.


The BarterUnit®️ is a multinational digital currency that operates alongside national currencies, facilitating cross-border transactions and boosting international trade. It offers transparency, security, and increased market accessibility while reducing reliance on a single currency. The BarterUnit®️ offers a seamless and efficient solution for international transactions, contributing to global financial stability.


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