to the Barter Unit Economic
Development Committee (BUEDC).

Our Mission

The Barter Unit Economic Development Committee (BUEDC) is designed to encourage and empower businesses to adopt and utilize the Barter Unit as an alternative purchasing power method through the process of social economic collaboration.


We’re offering businesses of all sizes, 1,000 Barter Units per month (12,000 Barter Units per year) to boost local economies and overall implement local sustainable economic development.

That’s right! We’re giving 1,000 Barter Units free, to all qualified businesses – interest free. To qualify, all you have to do is register your business and meet the minimum qualifications.

Upon a successful registration and BUEDC review, your Barter Units will be distributed once every month into your company account to facilitate and empower trade with other Barter Unit merchants and consumers. Pretty simple, right?

Barter Unit – fostering stronger relationships
between local merchants and consumers.

Merchant Benefits

1. Network Opportunities:

As a registered merchant, your business will automatically
be listed on our business listing page. The business listing
page is designed to connect businesses to boost local
economic growth.

2. Merchant Monthly

Receive 1,000 Barter Units per month to trade with
consumers and other merchants to boost sales and profits.

3. Participate in Collaborating Locally:

To help stop our wealth from being siphoned out of local communities and into remote banks and major corporations, the Barter Unit is designed to circulate locally, shared with local people, local businesses and local communities for increase economic vitality and well being.

Get Involved. Make a Difference.

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